Friday 28 December 2007

Blog posting changes

If you think anything on this site breaks any law (including the laws of defamation or privacy), contact me I’m likely to take it down while I consider the matter more carefully.

If it can be shown that I’ve made a mistake, I’ll correct it promptly and prominently. By “mistake” I mean anything non-trivial that is misleading. If you think I’ve screwed up, email me. If I don’t agree that I’ve made a mistake, I may still post a note referring to the point of contention.

If you think I’ve been unfair on you, I’ll give you a right of reply. Again, email me. If I can’t resist the temptation to reply to your reply, I’ll give you a reply to that as well, until one of us gets sick of it.

I reserve the right to edit or delete any comments. I need to retain this right to comply with the laws of contempt, defamation, privacy etc. I will make it clear where there are edits.