Saturday 1 December 2007

Four great reasons you needn't get alarmed

CairnsBlog contributing writer Sid Walker heralds the return of our popular series ByrneWatch and shares some quotes about storm-surges, global warming, sea level rise, greenies, geoscience, experts and other annoyances...

The Non-Sequitor Reason

  • “We haven't had any catastrophes hit Cairns in the history of Cairns. I think we've been pretty good at development in this part of the world. We've got wonderful growth, a wonderful economy.”

The Not Too Bothered Reason
  • "Well, we take our advice from a whole series of people including our own data including other professional engineers in Cairns. And we don't get too bothered or hot under the collar with what Geoscience Australia says or anybody else says.”

The I’m Boss Round Here Reason

  • “Look, I've been in this job for 10 years. I've attended all sorts of seminars on catastrophes and disasters and everything else over the years and listened to differing views. I've got a whole planning department behind me and a raft of advisers about a range of issues and I'm not taking my riding instructions from Dr Knott.”

The Who the Hell Knows Anyway? Reason

  • “There's a lot to go with this debate about the climate warming and whether the mayor of Cairns should prevent houses being put in certain parts. Look, Geoscience Australia and the CSIRO are not the end of the world and the only authority on this issue.”

The Not Extinct (Yet) Reason

  • "If we listened to neanderthals in this debate we would have to pack up Cairns and move it to the Atherton Tablelands and we are not about to do that, let me tell you we are not about to do that."

(oh... that's 5 reasons!)

NB: Quoted text is by Cairns Mayor Kevin Byrne when interviewed on ABC Lateline, 2006


Anonymous said...

I like those ... just goes to show he has no idea, and doesnt give a shit ..

Anonymous said...

Here's another one from KB ' The Cairns Yacht Club has no cultural or historical significance whatsoever'. From Win TV news 2003.

Anonymous said...

Its time to go.....Kevin Byrne!