Saturday 8 December 2007

Overdue for a change

And not a moment too soon, the Cairns 1st team have just placed their first advert, just under 100 days out from the Council election.

I know some are electioned-out after the Johnny and Kevin Show, however, this local body election is really important to us all. Never before do we need to get rid of a mayor and his ideals like we do this time.

Should Kev's mob (you need at least 3 to make a mob I think) not get his act together in the next few weeks, we at CairnsBlog will assist and present some draft advertisements for his consideration... just to give him a hand. We're nice like that.


Anonymous said...

I'd love a replacement for Kevin Byrne. Val Schier isn't it, however. She's had plenty of time to act like a leader, and get involved on a grassroots level between elections. She hasn't done so. I'm sure there are leaders out there in the community but this woman is clearly not going to make it.

Let's hope someone reasonable steps forward.

Anonymous said...

re. anonymous above. Don't know where you come from saying that Val has not been involved at grassroots level. I've seen her at many rallies, markets, community events and fundraisers over the past 4 years. If you read the Cairns Post or Cairns Sun, you should have seen the photo's yourself. What I've never seen however is KB in civi clothing with a shovel in his hand helping out at a community event (yes I know, and pigs might fly eh). Yet I have seen Val doing just this on a few occasions. Iam in no way involved with Cairns First but from what I have seen, Val would make a great mayor. She has the right ideas and attitude. Good luck to her.

Anonymous said...

as if i'd vote 4 some1 who weres a wig!

Anonymous said...

I agree wih what Anonymous said,Val
Schier will have only an outside chance of beating K Byrne,which I feel is most unfortunate.Berwick is the only current public figure on hand at this present stage of proceedings who would have a chance of toppling Byrne and his cronies.Take a look at the bookmakers odds to see the true picture of the likely outcome of the council election.Public pressure could be put on Berwick to stand in the interests of the community at large.

Anonymous said...

Val Schier rec'd 42% of the vote last election and to all the people I talk with I get the impression that figure will increase dramatically. She has the right ideas and respect for this region and especially for the community.

Anonymous said...

Byrne will definately not be getting my vote.
However niether will Schier at this stage. She lacks excitement, enthusiasm, urgency, a strategic vision and plans. There's NO POLICY on her website!!!!!

I've now seen her a few times at functions over recent months and she is flat and really leaves her audience un-enthusiastic.

We need change in this town like nothing else, desperatley. I and my friends are just so sad that Schier is hardly up to this job on so many fronts,

I desperatley hopes someone credible comes forward/

Anonymous said...

If Iwas serious oppositiion to the KB and his team I also wouldn't have my policies out yet. Why? Because the Unity team will rip them off and use their massive developer funds to promote them as 'their' ideas. Thats why. Whats the bet you'll see KB proclaiming in the election that he is ' environmental' wants a 'tropical character' about our buildings. Is 'careful on overdevelopment' etc. All things we long term locals know will be an actual croc of shit, but new people to town will believe the massive media campaign. I'm sure Val will release her policies in due time, I just hope she has the funding to get the message out.

Anonymous said...

Seriously I wish that Val would do some PR and get her policies known (can't someone help her polish her public presence?, please?)

She seems without depth or substance - basically like a mum that wants to make a difference, not a bad thing, but it leaves me wondering about capabilities.

The current grub is, in my mind, completely capable, HOWEVER, not going the way I am happy with.