Wednesday 5 December 2007

And the dodgy winners are

Choice magazine deserve top marks for yet again exposing dodgy products or services .

Every year they acknowledge shonky awards, and this year there's a great line up.

Highlights this year go to LG's dryer which uses 74 liters of water to dry a load of washing, and a frisbee you shouldn't throw and another person. However the 40% of sugar content in Shrek's cereal is worth a mention, but the best one is Westpac's amazing "checking ya balance fee"!!

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Anonymous said...

this sounds like the warning labels that I used to see when I worked in electrical retail.
the best one I saw was on a hair dryer...
"Don't use while in the bath."
the other was on a kettle.
"Don't use around wet areas."

I think the days of common sense are well and truely gone.

Anonymous said...

In regards to Nutella and Shrek Cereal.
I need a Science degree to do the grocery shopping... nutella says it's made from skim milk and has less sugar than jam and less fat than peanut butter. Sounds great,I used to buy it all the time believing I was making a healthier choice. So unfair they can lie to the public like that and get away with it. I got sucked in by what was advertised on TV and in magazines promoting it as better for kids. Reading labels and comparing products takes ages so I now shop with the idea that if it's not in the fruit and vege section at the supermarket(no matter what it says on the label) it ain't healthy. Another ad selling fruit roll ups (fruit flavoured lolly straps) says "it's real fruit flat out" when it's far from it and the breakfast cereal... OMG... unless you really are an ironman and doing ironman events daily than nutri-grain is best to be avoided. It's easy to see how we can all chunk-up so quickly by eating what we believe is healthy food. This deception by food companies should be outlawed. Advertise it as a fun treat or tasty to eat but don't trick people into believing it's healthy, and no matter what Vitamins they claim are in it no Coco-Pops for breakfast it's better to have a Mars Bar!!!!