Sunday 23 December 2007

She's an alright right Charlie

Charlie's just happy to be the member for Rustys.
After months in the media spotlight about everything from a fart to a fanfare, Charlie McKillop is taking it easier now, following her hopes of trying to secure the seat of Leichhardt in the Federal election.
She's now in the middle of Rustys most market days trading with Theresa Love and the team from Wild Prawns, which profess to be "fresher, cleaner, tastier". You can also pick some of their yummy freshly caught - not frozen - seafood at 39 Tingira Strteet, Portsmith.
Charlie said she's got mixed feelings about the campaign, however she's certainly happy just to be selling seafood, where you meet real people.
Charlie also writing on a great local blog called, wait for it, Kitchenslut. It's all about food in Cairns, with a new independent focus on reviewing local restaurants and cafe's. "Too long have we put up with the failure of our media to provide anything other than advertising mush," says KitchenSlut, "We may also delve into other lifestyle aspects in Cairns related to food or entertainment." It's rather tasty. Check it out.

Nearly a kilo of fresh prawns later, for just 15 bucks, I leave the markets and head home to fire up the barbie.


Anonymous said...

I just checked this out. It is a great blog.

Mouth watering virtual meals, described with flair, all inside an arousing pink colour-scheme.

I wish there were photos. Perhaps they would be too raunchy for a Google Blog?

Anyhow, good on you Charlie and good luck to you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well - look which of the candidates is the real hard worker!

Even happier with the way I voted now! Charlie could have rested on her laurels, but instead, she's back into it.

Have we heard from Turnour since the election?

KitchenSlut said...

Geez, there i was savouring my home cooked scrambled duck eggs with truffle salsa for brekkie while browsing the morning news and almost choked with surprise to find we'd been featured on Cairnblog!

The kitchenslut is now all set to fire up his well seasoned barbey for Christmas and has several kilos of succulent Wildprawns ready to throw on. So if it's home cooking you want, anonymous, feel free to just tuck several bottles of vino (no cheap stuff please)under your arm and drop around for a feed of leftovers on boxing day.

With any luck there may be some leftover prawn heads for you to suck but if that doesn't grab you maybe this is more your Christmas home cooking style: