Saturday 8 December 2007

Jim says thank you

At least 100 party faithful gathered at Jim Turnour's Smithfield home on Saturday night for a thank you party.

Turnour, standing for Leichhardt, romped in what was one of the largest swings in the country as Labour was elected to the Treasury benches two weeks ago.

Jim highlighted the support and booths that were won in many Aboriginal communities throughout Cape York, notably Hopevale, that was once the bastion of the Nationals. He made special mention to the new growth southern suburbs of Cairns where there was substantial efforts put in by the campaign team.

Jim said, whilst places like Mossman went to Labour, the mood from Port Douglas following the forced Council amalgamations, was particularly difficult. However, Turnour noted "voters worked out this was largely a State government decision and voted accordingly."

The Leichhardt electorate encompasses a vast area, with industries such as sugar, tropical fruit, aquaculture, cattle, fishing, bauxite mining, shipbuilding and tourism.

Jim thanked the many volunteers and organisers that had effectively worked for the last four years to make a successful campaign. Whilst he recounted many funny stories from the 12 week election campaign, from Thursday Island to Edmonton, he paid particular homage to the union movement.

He also acknowledged the support that Member for Cook Jason O'Brien offered throughout the campaign, especially when visiting communities throughout Cape York.

Senator Jan McLucas, Lesley Clark, Steve Wettenhall, Stuart Traill and Val Schier were among those present to share in the celebrations.


Anonymous said...

why is it no surprise that a party of local labor "leaders" has a cake with the name of the electorate misspelled?

so much for labor's "education campaign"!

Anonymous said...

nice cake, such a shame they can't spell the electorate name correctly... not a good start is it.

Anonymous said...

Great photos thanks Mike.

Anonymous said...

The cake isn't spelt wrong! Jim changed the name of the Electorate because it was such an easy win there was nothing "hard" about it anymore... and he is all heart<3

Anonymous said...

Jim, you can't have your cake and eat it too... even if it is spelt a special way!!!