Sunday 23 December 2007

A load of rubbish

Every day now, what seems to be a half a tonne of rubbish in the form of pre-Christmas advertising is being dumped in letter boxes in every suburb in Cairns.
I've got my share. And it really seems to have little effect with a "No Advertising" message plastered over your box.
Whilst I know companies need to advertise their products and services, I detest this form gross invasion. Besides the huge waste that primarily accumulates at the front of the apartment blocks, one of the biggest problems is that those who don't want this stuff, take it out and leave it on the top of the box! I mean, what are they thinking?
I've also noticed, over recent weeks, the competition for this advertising medium is upped, as there is more than one delivery a day. Sometimes up to three. So subsequent deliveries then attempt to jam there pamphlets in on top of what else is already in your box. You then need to fight to remove it, only to find it's unreadable and torn to pieces.
At least 70% of this material ends up in the waste, and over a week or a month, that's a massive amount of paper.
I guess the only true preventive is to block your mail box physically and get a PO Box.... or move to Myola! (how much do you get in your rainforest letterbox Sid?)


Anonymous said...

From Experience, I have found the easiest thing to do with unwanted junk mail, especially when you have a sign on your letter box "No Junk Mail" is to take it back to the advertiser. this can be a time consuming job when you start doing this, but, it pays off.
What you do is write a form letter, addressed only to "The Manager", stating that you have a sign on the front of your letter box stating that you do not wish to receive junk mail, and take it in to the store that the leaflet belongs to, and deliver the junk mail and the letter to the manager. Not to the checkout person, or front end controller, but to the manager. Nine times out of ten, the advertiser has no idea where these brochures are delivered to. This complaint will then be passed on to the person doing the delivery. It is a breach of contract for the delivery person, and, a breach of you privacy. It usually takes a couple of trips, but, it eventually sinks in.

Anonymous said...

No postal delivery = no junk mail. Of course, I still get some in my PO Box.

The easiest way for most people arond here to cut down on junk mail is to stop buying the Cairns Post, because that's essentially what it is, IMHO.