Tuesday 18 December 2007

Helengrad on the attack

Labour have been in power in New Zealand since 1999 when a coalition government, including Alliance.
Prime Minister Helen Clark have undertaken a number of reforms over the last 8 years, however as revolutionary comparing to previous Labour governments. Although they have maintained popularity, a third term party always loses support. After Alliance lost support and split, Clark called the 2002 election early, which Labour won. They are now in coalition with the Progressive Party.

Following the 2005 election, Labour formed a coalition with the Progressive party, the centre-right United Future and the New Zealand First. Both parties got ministerial portfolios outside of Cabinet. The Green party also contributed towards supporting Labour on some issues.
Labour hold 50 of the 121 seats in New Zealand parliament.
One of New Zealand's top newspaper cartoonists, Tom Scott, just publicised this depiction of the Prime Minister, commonly known as 'Helengrad' by her political opponents.
My old mate who scribes Kiwiblog, political commentator David Farrar, says Scott is highlighting the parallel in terms of the sense of denial of reality, rather than any other parallels.

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