Tuesday 28 August 2007

Shock, Horror: Our Mayor is arrogant!

This week's CairnsBlog.net poll results are in!

We asked our readers over the last 7 days, to rate what they thought Council's biggest stuff (actually f**k) up was / is...

..and this is what you said:-

  • 06 Rate Increases rated lowest
  • Environmental protection and Closed Council meetings ranked 2nd
  • high density living and development rated next
  • City Place was the second highest concern
  • ....the most voted for the Mayor's arrogance as the biggest concern to them

    61 votes were received.

This week's poll we've asked readers to list their most respected Councillor/s... should be fun.


Anonymous said...

Fran Lindsay would be one of the hardest working Councillors. She is also readily accessible and pleasant to talk with.

Anonymous said...

I think Deirdre Ford does a great job for Cairns. She really tries hard to get the best for her constituents

Anonymous said...

Major Byrne plods round council & Cairns city like the school yard bully patrols his turf . A fair weather friend to the liberal party, he sees storm clouds brewing in the south. But He's no great captain. He' s been the first to jump ship in the past, Quietly slipping over board in the dead of night ( As he has done before in many a foreign port- Keel hauled if ever to step in some lands-due to dodgy dealings selling endangered species ("among other seedy underworld wants") to the dinner tables of the grossly rich.
You'll never hear the much self revered rear admiral announce 'ABANDON SHIP' - even if there was a giant wave 'Tsunami' approaching, he expects the crew ( Cairns Residents) to man the oars "Stay below & follow orders-I know what's best for em"- even if it means most will drown. At least the captain will survive! "Besides most of low lifes have deformities of one kind or another and a quick end is best for all concerned''
You wont hear "Women & children first" when the ship starts going down, But you will see Captain Byrne standing over the glass ceiling, enjoying watching the women folk down below, squabbling over small favors - Was that a wink or a twitch ? But these fair dragons of level 1 aboard the much loathed & feared pirate ship 'The Chamber of Horrors' are simple folk just trying to scratch out a living, some unknowingly give their best, but doomed as pray for the talentless few.
As we amalgamate councils a new fresh unbiased direction needs development for the new council to take, There is no way the current mayor has the vision/generosity or business acumen. This Council is run like a 1970's new york city development plan; even down to the single bottom profit models....and we know what happened to the big-apple...crime increased, sense of community fragmented... poverty and an underclass developed.....the City Council its' self was bankrupt.
Is major Byrne having Giuliani fantasies ???????
We need a team that is savvy with world trends yet totally answerable to the rate payers of the region, aware of the quadruple bottom line
Fife-la Cairns