Thursday 22 November 2007

Contacting CairnsBlog

You can e-mail Mike on Rather easy to remember.

My number is 1800 CAIRNS BLOG. Nah, only joking. I provide this to those that have already established contact with me. It's a big bad world out there!

Instant Messaging
I detest MSN. It's for those that can't carry on a normal face-to-face conversation.

PO Box 7262
Australia 4870

CairnsBlog Fighting Fund
You can donate to the CairnsBlog and become a Friend of CairnsBlog and help support our work to create a more accountable and open local democracy in Cairns (see background story here)
Please email your electronic receipt of any online deposits. Supply a postal address, if you require a hard copy receipt.

BSB 064 836
A/C 10213299

Friends of CairnsBlog Trust Account
Commonwealth Bank, Smithfield

Donations can be made at any Commonwealth Bank branch, or online.

Please note that I receive a large amount of e-mail every day, and although I do read it all, it can sometimes take time to respond to something if it is trivial. I’m not rude, just busy.

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