Thursday 22 November 2007

Open Debate

Here it is again.

You're welcome to post anything here, on subjects that are dear to you.. or just your hobby horse, or donkey for that matter.

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Anonymous said...

re False Cape Tragedy
Whilst it was a tragic fatal accident and a man lost his life, I feel that this development company are very much to blame for this event. One of the reasons why so many locals and others were against this developement in the first place was because of the size of this project on land that was recognised as having instability issues and slopes that in the opinion of many credible experts, were too steep and dangerous to build upon.
Well it looks like many of those concerned experts were right, and I believe that the man's family would have every reason to sue the Company for negligence. I hope they do.........

These developers seem to think that they are gods and that they can do anything they like. In this instance, mother nature brought home the message loud and clear.

I hope the developer of Buchan Point is taking some time to pause on the risks involved in building yet another bloody resort on a steep block of shale - the stakes can be high for the workers and their families involved.