Tuesday 13 November 2007

Fornicating with standards

There's an uproar stewing in New Zealand this week, with the launch of Californication on free to air TV.

It's a rather straight up confronting new US show that in the first episode, that screened at 9:30pm, showed sex in a church with a nun, among other things.

Bob McCroskey of Family First NZ said this morning on NewstalkZB that this was very objectionable.

In Australia, Californication attracted 981,000 viewers when it screens in late August on Channel 10. I bet some wouldn't object to David Duchovny engaging in four sex scenes in 40 minutes.

"These programmes lead toward emotional de-sensitising of children, affects sexual behaviours," says McCroskey. "Sex in the City was edgy, however there are a number of issues in this show that lowers standards in our society," he says.

It's a matter of taste if you see a nun performed oral sex while the guy is praying in front of a crucifix.

The programme comes with warnings like Adult content, graphic language, nudity, etc. It's rather obvious that you watch it on those terms. I mean, you don't go to a girly poll dancing bar if you don't wanna see boobs and bums, so why would you watch TV or hire a DVD with similar content in it that offends or compromises your own standards?

The Australian Christian Lobby said the opening scene was unacceptable. "We have 64 per cent of Australians identify themselves as Christian, and yet you have a program like this that is trying to mock them or insult them," spokeswoman Glynis Quinlan said.

I'm always amused why the extreme fringe so-called christian happy clappers, attempt to tell us what we should all be watching. I'm rather sick and tired of anyone saying 'do this, don't do that...'

I know that fatty foods in excess are not good for you; that wearing a seat belt will protect you in an accident, and that sitting in front of a blog for too long will make you a nerd.

We do live in a relatively free society, well almost. Queensland is still set in 1977 in most social legislation, and where's our nude beaches?

All these protests from Family First tend to do little by such outbursts, but increase ratings and provide substantial advertising.

Wish someone would tell them that TV's have a switch on them.


Anonymous said...

This is exactly the sort of brain pollution the corporatists want "the little people" to watch.
It FULLY distracts them from the real news.
The corporatists have been steadily increasing the porno content from the early reality shows.
It's all part of a successful plan to "dumb" down the population. As you can see from the American experience, it has worked.

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear. Just increase the shock and awe element bit by bit, hook the dickheads in, get them slavering and quivering for more, more, more. Push those societal barriers, keep on pushing them.
Get those dumbf...ks in their living rooms glued to the idiot box. Smash their weak-kneed values and ideas of decency and respect for others.
Then, it is all too easy to commit the country to a policy of torture like water-boarding, rendition, and detention without trial.

And ha ha, this is the good part.
The fools won't be able to connect the dots at all. Oh bwa hahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Two interesting comments by anonymous this morning, much more perceptive than anonymous' typical comments.

Dumbing down must not have worked properly in your case (cases?).