Saturday 24 November 2007

Exit polls, the Kevin & John Show

Well, it's nearly 6pm and the net and the radio is full of it.

I've got 846 AM blasting away. Why? I really don't know. I've tuned into a special edition of John McKenzie's show. Last time I did this, was when I tried to telephone in to chat with our illustrious mayor, and ask some Chinese questions. But the guard dog wouldn't let me past the door.

This evening I won't bother.

John is joined in the studio by Mayor Kevin Byrne and they're telling us everything we need to know. Yawn.

Oh, and The Post's Gavin King is there, to add some sense of balance, if that is at all possible with this bunch.

John's just got Pauline Hanson to telephone in, and the three are have a little orgy. I hope they have rubber gloves on. Still sounds like Pauline has still got the shakes of a 1970's washing machine.

There's been four calls from "listeners" since I've tuned in. All are pro-Lib. It's like they all playing some sort of sick puppy game and forgot the phone was off the hook.

A caller rings in and praises Gavin King ad nauseum about his column in today's Post. For those that didn't read it, it was one of King's worse. He appears to have run out of ideas. It was an attempt at humour about the various Leichhardt candidates at a fictitious bar, all in bikinis. It was really below average for a journalist of his calibre. I found it rather unfunny and for such a prominent column on the day of the election, there was no critical analysis of the local campaign over the last few months. What a waste of space.

Meanwhile, an exit poll has said Labor will win, and the PM will lose seat of Bennelong. Sky News commissioned the exit poll across 31 key seats predicts 53% to Labor, 47% to the Coalition.

The crucial Eden-Monaro seat showed 58% to Labor and 42% Coalition.

We expect first votes to come through by 6:30pm AEST. Labor needs 16 seats to win Government.


Anonymous said...

The reins have been handed over, with dignity and respect on both sides. One would hope such courtesies continue...perhaps that's too much to wish for, but wish I will.

Anonymous said...

What a troika of dills to comment on the election night...the Mayor , John MacKenzie and Gavin King. Probably of the three, only John MacKenzie accurately intuited the anger of ordinary Australians towards WorkChoices.

Anonymous said...

The tide has turned, as has the mood across the country, especially here in FNQ with such a swing. The writing is even more on the wall now for KB, with his neanderthal ideas on what he thinks is good for Cairns. The local elections will also a new and fresh leadership in the name of Val Schier. Good riddance Kev.

Anonymous said...

Yes KB will have to go now, but we need a better choice than Val.
I think we should start a Rob Pyne for Mayor campaign....

Anonymous said...

Oiii, leave Val alone! Grrrr.