Friday 11 July 2008

We welcome CircusMouse!

Here's our CircusMouse archives. Enjoy!

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CircusMouse - an Introduction...

I was walking past Munro Martin Park on Wednesday, and would you believe it, a mouse fell out of a tree! He told me he wanted to run away from the circus that's in town, to fulfill his life-long dream of being a cartoonist.

So from today, and every Friday, or there-abouts, CairnsBlog will bring you a fresh, funny and sometimes biting cartoon, satirising local issues and events.

My mate David at Kiwi Blog, has also recently introduced a cartoonist, so I was also inspired to offer this to my readers.

Circusmouse is a local Cairns-based artist, with a reputation for stunning art and modern illustrative design. The entire management and editorial team at CairnsBlog (that's just me) is delighted to welcome him on board.

I also welcome your suggestions for depiction, and will gladly pass them onto Circusmouse.

Today's cartoon is in reaction to the outburst from the Cairns Chamber of Commerce when they said our CBD was dirty and needed a big clean up. I've blogged on this subject before, and said that some areas are a pig sty. A quick walk around the inner city streets, and you'll see what the hoo haa is all about.

It wasn't long after the Chamber's announcement to clean up the streets, including the facade's of many city buildings, when out of the dark appeared Councillor Alan Blake! He was armed with a mop and bucket in City Place. Our inside leak from the Cairns Post (oh, there are a few!) revealed that there was no soapy water in the bucket at all - it was merely a publicity stunt to get a pic in the north's favourite Murdoch rag!

However, the point was taken. We do need to clean up this place. I wonder what has been done since this declaration form the Chamber? I really don't see a huge amount of effort.

Anyway, we hope you'll enjoy Circusmouse.

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