Sunday 27 July 2008

The cost of sex for women

Kiwi blogger Cactus Kate has reversed the equation of how much money men spend on sex through dinners, presents, flowers, dates and calculated how much money a woman spends on looking beautiful for men.

Her calculations are:

  • Hair monthly (basic not “hair extensions”) $300 per month = $3600
    Waxing and other beauty treatments $100 per month = $1200
    Massage, pedicures etc $100 per month = $1200
    Make-up/skin cleansers/toners and moisturisers = $300
    Annual clothing spend on clothes you only wear out to meet men or with your man = $3000
    Personal trainer/gym fees/education and reading material = $300 per month = $3600
    Shoes. I consider it compulsory to spend lots of money on fabulous shoes = $2000
    Phone calls/Drinks/lunches and dinners with girlfriends to drown your sorrows of bad relationships ie. therapy = $500 per month = $6000
    Condoms & contraceptive pills (because lets face it - men over 30 years old totally suck at carrying rubbers) = $400 annually
    Sex toys (again men have no clue so girls have to buy = $500 annually
    Pregnancy and STD checks (compulsory for anyone with half a brain and lets face it - the man doesn’t have to worry about being pregnant in the morning) = $250 per annum

    So my rough estimation is a cost of $22,050 annually spent on looking and feeling good in the most part for men.

Kate goes on to say that if she gets sex only once a week, then women are paying $424 per bonk, so men should stop whining about their costs.

Her final advice...

  • So men, next time you take a single woman to dinner with the intent of asking her home afterwards, don’t ask her to split the bill. Just shut the fuck up and pay.

Some wise words.

Hat Tip: Kiwiblog


Anonymous said...

A little more on education and a little less on vanity would even things up a bit.

Anonymous said...

Excellent advice - and such a pleasure to hear it from 'horses mouth' Kate, who apparently has 2 x X chromosomes and has no vested interest in this matter.

She even throws in a little 'dirty talk' for free - such a turn on.

But seriously, I'd rather take Condoleezza Rice to dinner.

That's because I'm into spanking, rise to the challenge of a really wicked woman - and like the State of Israel, I prefer to dine out on the American taxpayer given half the chance.