Friday 11 July 2008

Yacht Club Petition

Here's the petition to Save the Cairns Yacht Club, which everyone can start using straight away.

The online, e-petition version, will be online probably Monday or Tuesday.

Please note, the closing date is 15th August - that's only just over a month.

This paper version is exactly the same as the online one, that will be accessed via the Queensland Parliament House secure server - we'll have a link on our site. It is a more private way of registering, if some are nervous about being seen publicly to support retaining our great Yacht Club building for our future.

You need to be resident of Queensland to sign this petition, however don’t have to be enrolled to vote in Queensland. Although we'd love the support from visitors, tourists really don’t count. The irony is that we're doing this for them as well!

Please ensure when you collect names not to invalidate our argument by including non-Queensland residents or invalid names etc. You should also not put your name on both the paper version and online.

The completion date is just over one month away – 15th August. It's not a long time but we don’t have the luxury of waiting.

So, take this form to it friends, and neighbours this weekend. Get it into your local store, and Post Office. Put them on a clipboard, with a pen attached on a string. Aim high – we need to get our members of Parliament to realise the enormity of opposition they are facing on this issue.

We will be at the Cairns Show next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. If you can help us with this task, please get in touch.

Please note, when you distribute these forms, collect and return them by the closing date: 15th August.

Here's a Jpeg version, as well as the PDF, to print out.


Wendy Richardson, coordinator
PADYC People Against Demolishing the Yacht Club
Ph 07 4034 2248
Mobile 0418 196 011

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