Monday 28 July 2008

I can cope with 48% but not 50%, thanks Anna


Anonymous said...

Maybe we can ask Desley Boyle how much we taxpayers paid to advertise such a stunning non-achievement.

My first thought when I saw this was that maybe it was an ad from Zimbabwe!

What are we to make of Anna Bligh when she seeks to claim 'achievements' of which only Mugabe could possibly be proud?

Anonymous said...

Yes it is genuine at

Aint it good to know we have such an active guvmint and that prior to this revolutionary reform “there was no cap on interest rates in Queensland and lenders could charge very high interest rates and charges on loans.”

Where can I sign up at 47%?

Meanwhile, beautiful Queensland ..... perfect one day, corrupt the next remains a haven for property spruikers and dodgy dealers and political donators ..... or am i too cynical and paranoid again?

Some wanker somewhere in the public service has been paid for this shit?

My assumption would be that those most affected are unlikely to be able to read the ad anyway?