Tuesday 15 July 2008

Rob writes to Desley, again

  • The Hon Desley Boyle MP
    State Member for Cairns
    Parliament House

    Dear Desley,

    It’s been a long arduous road for me, I all but gave up. But there are new faces on the block and they have taken up the cause where I left off.

    The coming months are going to be pretty dramatic I feel. There will be the collection of 10,000 signatures at the Cairns Show, the Public Meeting and the March on the Cairns Port Authority, to demand they listen to the owners of the land, and a lot of publicity, probably Australia wide.

    You know I have always been passionate about saving Heritage, even though the Aquatic is not my own, I have deep empathy for it because of my own Heritage way back in 1869, when my Great Grandfather, Alexander Johnston headed for what was then known as Gould’s new country, in Tasmania.

    There were no roads even between Falmouth and St. Helens, and the Scamander River and Jason’s Gates were alone spanned by bridges. Alexander immediately became chairman of the local Road Trust. His energy in this honorary position for many years was most conspicuous. The selectors from the hills and valleys, and the isolated miners, were constantly appealing for assistance.

    Thus it was that the chairman, supported by his co-trustees, Messrs. Payne, Terry, McGough, Irwin and Gifford, all worthy exponents now numbered with the departed, was able to so co-operate with the late Sir George Davies, who then represented the district in the Assembly, in providing roads right into the extremely isolated portions of Portland. Roads and bridges paved the way to progress, and eventually led to the present prosperity.

    For 27 years my great grandfather worthily occupied a seat upon the bench as an honorary justice, and as Coroner he performed the duties for 23 years. His residence and the Church he built are now on the National Heritage Register.

    You have no chance of emanating emulating that Desley, but you do have a chance of listening to the community that elected you to Parliament. The ones that pay you a large amount of remuneration.

    I have been an Honorary Justice of the Peace and Commissioner for Oaths for 40 years myself. I know that if I get a penal sentence I will lose my Commission.

    I feel that the people of Cairns have been done a great injustice. I have searched my conscience and came up with the position that I could not be true to myself if I let you and your government perpetrate the injustice of demolishing their heritage.

    I am prepared to be arrested and locked up if it comes to that. On my day in court I know what I will say to the Judge.

    Yours sincerely,

    Rob Williams JP (Qual.)
    Lake Placid, Caravonica
    Cairns, Qld 4878
    Tel 0418 774 175

    Friday, 11 July 2008


Anonymous said...

Hmm, perhaps our esteemed JP should buy a dictionary.


Or did he mean emulating?

If you are going to be rude, you can at least have the decency to get the word right.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Anonymous. I can sleep well with the knowledge that I have an honorary proof reader who has access to a Dictionary. Don't forsake me now I don't have anyone who can check the checker. Trouble with this game is you only see what I write, not what "they" write.

Anonymous said...

This blog is getting a bit antsey isnt it ?

Anonymous said...

I think both words are appropriate for Desley? She is both emulating the wrong role model, and emanating the wrong malodorous substance?

Anonymous said...

I agree Anon, Just finished watching Paton again. He was one son of a bitch. We need people like him to stand up for History. He lived by it.