Wednesday 16 July 2008

Macca needs a secretary

John McKenzie at AM Radio Eight Four Sux (it's a Kiwi thang) is looking for a new secretary.
Are you up for the challenge?
Duties include, but not limited, include... typing, dictating, hanging up, cutting off callers, putting media alerts out that AM is still alive, copy writing developer's advertising scripts, making weekly reservations at Villa Romana, finding Councillor's Blake's mobile number for talkback, asking Optus if there is a need to get a thing called the 'internet' on at the office yet, Earl Grey tea, finding a scientist who appeared on Jerry Springer last week to talk about climate change... and other duties as my be requested.
Some grooming is recommended.


Anonymous said...

You seem to be seriously confused, Michael.

John McKenzie isn't "employed" by Prime Radio/846. He in essence "rents" the time slot from them, and then solicits his own advertising as compensation.

This insulates Prime from the raft of complaints his program generates, and allows him to "barter" time for advertising, which potentially avoids declaring these barters as "income". For example, his advertising for a travel store means that discounted/free travel are his for the taking. He is routinely seen dining at restaurants that advertise on his program, and he's been known to beg a meal from other non-advertisers during his "sales calls".

He's Cairns equivalent of a well-spoken tramp.

It should be noted he takes no advertising for men's wiggeries - so it's likely he actually paid for that rug on his head, unless he picked it out of the tip as some believe.

Anonymous said...

Mike You missed 2 very important Duties.

Attend to Hairpiece grooming.
Dust and clean the Kevin Byrne shrine and portraits.

I am sure there will be many more suggestions.

Anonymous said...

For those who really want to subject themselves to Mc Kenzie's crap good luck to you. For anyone else who still retains the ability to think for themselves there is an excelent program on 89.15 FM, 5pm week days, its radio for the print handicaped, basicly its McKenzies program (they read what is pretending to be a local newspaper)without an over bearing pompas a hole trying to make a name for themselves!

Enough Rope