Tuesday 8 July 2008

Don't miss Salam Cafe

I'm a huge fan of SBS's Salam Cafe.

They've been called the Muslim Chaser, after the other notorious team. It's brave comedy. In the face of the mis-understanding and prejudice of those of different faith, this is welcome television.

Just look at the silly outrage over building a mosque in Cairns. I mean, get over it. The day we start to accept difference and allow our neighbours to live alongside us, no matter what their creed, colour, sexuality, or political beliefs, then we will start to grow up as a nation.

Ahmed Imam, CEO of the Islamic Council of Victoria, hosts Salam Café, who says it offers a "compelling look at the funny side of life as an Australian Muslim today."

It's on tomorrow (Wednesday) night on SBS, at 10pm, when most respectable terrorists are tucked up in bed. I think this episode is the last in the present series.

ABC's Lateline reviewed Salam Cafe and it's ability to question Islamic stereotypes with humour.

Catch the video on Broadband, or for those sad puppies still on on Dial-up.

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