Wednesday 20 February 2008

Copyright Policy

There are many legal rights and rules that govern original material in Australia and on the internet. These help protect content.

Copyright is important to authors. Creators deserve to be rewarded for their creative work and copyright law is fundamental to ensuring this, as well as fostering future creativity.

While protecting my rights as owner and creator of the content on CairnsBlog, I also encourage others to make use of this content in limited, but agreed ways.

That's why newspapers are allowed to include short quotations from "copyright" books in their reviews.

Should you wish to use or reprint something online you've seen here on CairnsBlog, please email me first.

In most cases, I will be happy to support your wish, under the proviso that a link and reference of its source, is duly credited.

That said, no one has the express right to reprint content or information without crediting this Blog.

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