Tuesday 12 February 2008

Media circus without monkeys

We called a media conference yesterday at 1pm, at a central city hotel. Independent media sharing with mainstream media, our story.

It was like having Uncle Bertie over for a cuppa and wondering if he'd like you telling dirty stories.

Sid Walker released the next part in the Myola saga and the tale of the secret Mareeba Shire Council's meeting, simultaneously publishing on CairnsBlog, thanks to Google's wizardry.

We made a cuppa for Channel 7, WIN TV, ABC Far North, The Tablelander, Cairns & Townsville Radio Centre, Hot and Sea FM. Even an independent writer from JCU showed up, along with a handful of supporters and some local election candidates.

WIN covered the story on the 6 o'clock news with an excellent report. Great story Abby.


Anonymous said...

Oh Michael, I am so disappointed. I was actually starting to feel admiration for you and your efforts to secure a better future for the people of Cairns. Now this bit of self-promotion has confirmed my intital opinion of you. (Formed through months of business dealings with you personally. Though you would not think me important enough to remember). If mainstream media had come to you....., but the fact you sought this attention proves you are an attention-seeking, egotistical, media tart, sellout to the establishment. And I am not surprised.

Anonymous said...

yes, i'm still in shock the local media, little as there is, is actually reporting the story. But nothing will happen, Borzi has denied the allegations saying his block of land is not in the Myola zone and the Queensland Government just won't do nothing! Borzi will just wander off to his latest plane trip to where ever, smiling behind his $1,000 sunglasses. The amalgamations will at least see less pigs in the trough.

Anonymous said...

Cairns Post.. yet again.. MISSING IN ACTION!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I missed the mainstream media coverage. Never mind though, I have "cairnsblog" to keep me informed. Keep up the good work....and word of mouth is increasing the readership of the blog.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Michael Murray-Brown, after months of business dealings has formed an "initial" opinion that Michael P Moore, (the man) is a Media Tart. That puts Michael Murray - Brown in the "thick" basket. Furthermore media is all about obtaining the greatest number of readers. Go get em Michael P.

Michael P Moore said...

I know of no one by the name of "Michael Murray-Brown"

A search on the local whitepages, draws no one of that name. It's a fake, invented one.

It's a typical Unity party joke to make me look taited or something. Is this the best they can do.

And what "business dealings" is he referring to?

They are really a phathetic bunch. Bit like their plans for our region.

Anonymous said...

I have absolutely no affiliation with the Unity Party. The White Pages is not all encomposing and to make the statement that my name is fake or invented based on this evidence only is, dare I say, stupid. I am a third generation Cairns local with my grandfather arriving in Cairns in 1900. (When did you arrive Michael?) My family has been working for the Cairns community in many different areas including, but not limited to, P&C Associations, Meals on Wheels, Scouts, War Widows, Legacy, Laurel Club, Probus, Cairns Hockey, Cairns Jockey Club, Red Cross, Pregnancy Help and the Labor Party. (Who do you volunteer for Michael?) Due to my employment I live overseas for several months at a time but Cairns is my home and I return here regularly. I have a significant investment in Cairns including 8 rental properties. NOT units or apartments - these buildings are a blight on Cairns. (What sort of property do you own Michael?) My rental properties are homes in older, established areas of Cairns that I rent for a minimum return as I believe Cairns needs more affordable accommodation for the battlers. And I am fortunate to be in the financal position to be able to do this.

Michael, as previously stated, I knew you wouldn't remember me for the reasons also stated. And you have just confirmed this.

But the point of my comment is you have proven that you seek the spotlight. The Cairns Post treated your effort at self promotion with the disdain that it deserved. CairnsBlog is no longer what it should - an independant voice for the disenchanted citizens of Cairns. It is now a vehicle of self promotion for Michael Moore.

BTW Michael, you have my email address. You could have asked for my credentials rather than posting about fake names and Unity Party plots against you. Rather paranoid and sensationalist don't you think? But I forgot, that is your intention isn't it? To draw attention to your own perceived importance.

Anonymous said...

It didn't take long for the anoraks to take over this site.

Anonymous said...

Hey Michaul P. This Michael Murray-Brown, fellow "is" thick. I was right the first time. But when looking him up did you look for "Brown-Murray"? He is obviously jealous of your prominence because he spent so much time telling us what he and his family have done. It will be interesting to find out who he is really.

Anonymous said...

hahah Bungyone... we already know who "brown-murray" is.. he's a no body!!!


Michael P Moore said...

Well "michael murray-brown" please identify yourself to me. My email address is CairnsBlog@gmail.com. It's rather obvious that I don't know who you are at all.

If I'm meant to have had your email address, that presumes you could have also emailed me direct.

I repeat, I know no one of your name. Never have. At least my grey matter says so.

Please identify where I would known you from or where we would have connected in the past. That would be really helpful.

I have never had "a long business relationship" with anyone of your name.

Regarding your baseless and laughable accusations about self-seeking publicity - you again won't debate at all what the media conference was all about: It was about exposing how decisions are made in local government. Keeping the bastards honest - or at least as honest as we can.

I'm no ego maniac. I set this forum up to write and share my views. If you interoperate that differently, so be it. Does that mean everyone who attempts to undertake this type of medium is also a "self-seeking media whore"?! I resent that. Mind you, the jury’s out on the whore bit.

The only mission of this blog (besides having a few laughs along the way), is to debate and question. It will continue after the March 15th Council elections - no matter who gets in.

And the reason why the Cairns Post didn't report about Mayor Mick Borzi's undisclosed interests before voting on a massive development plan, is beyond most reasonable observers. How can Borzi not know where his land is? He's been in local Government for 30 years for God's sake. He's a highly paid publicly elected official. He should be held to account and freely questioned in the public domain. Just like Mayor Byrne.

The reason why the Cairns Post has not touched this subject is beyond any normal comprehension to understand. It is a subject of serious importance. Eight other key regional media participated in the unveiling of the news on Monday. The only one that didn't was the Cairns Post. This says more about them that ANYTHING else. It's a sad day when they avoid such subjects.

You work it out. The paper you so willingly back hardly tells it's local audience what is going on, and there is and will continue to be, a growing role for independent media of all shapes and size, like CairnsBlog.

I'm happy that you are also participating in it "michael murray-brown".

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what an anorak is. I am not jealous, I was simply stating my credentials. (Such a childish reason - grow up bungyone). And if jono has decided that I am a nobody, well, I had better pull my head in and not have an opinion (NOT).
Michael, you have published an email from me on this blog. So much for your "honest" recollections.

Now that I have finished defending myself from people who can only resort to name calling and belittling rather than respond with thoughtful and considered comments, let me clarify my opinion. If a blog attracts attention from mainstream media, I applaud. For it has done this based on it's contents. A blog seeking attention in this manner is a sell-out. You have lost your independance. And got your face on the television and your name in the paper.

Michael P Moore said...

Michael murray-brown.. what email did I publish from you? You really a a bit vague in all your comments on here - wanting everyone to work the missing pieces out for themselves..

You still havn't declared who you are to me.... how I am meant to know you.. Nor have you emailed me.. are you going to?

Maybe you're Factman in drag!

And this Blog is not a sell out.. how you draw that conclusion from hold a press conference exposing Borzi is perposterous. So we've "lost our independance"??? You really need to understand that we ARE independent!