Sunday 10 February 2008

Spot the difference

Cairns Post photographer Norbert von der Heidt, captured this great pic of the Cairns 1st lot on Thursday.

Although it's only in black and white, there's a rather colourful story behind it.

It marks the opening of their campaign office on Sheridan Street, right next to the Collins Street / Botanic Gardens turn off. Val has chosen a delightful old heritage-styled building to drive their campaign for the next four weeks to take office and return this city to the people.

We see a mixed and exciting bunch of candidates, minus Jeff Martinuzzi, who couldn't get away from his Edmonton Hardware store for the launch.

Regardless of where you sit politically, following the last week of appalling Unity Party leaflets and messy adverts, and also Greg Punshon's comments in his Cairns Post column this weekend, you'd have to give praise to Cairns 1st for the professional delivery of their message and the sheer enthusiasm of their team.

As a telling insert on the bottom left of the photo, Norbert caught a snap of the Unity Team office. All he could muster was a closed door, with a series of eight year old photos on corfluttes gracing every bit of window, like the Great Wall of China. The closed door rings all too true for a Council that celebrates this as their symbol of democracy.

May the best office win.


Anonymous said...

Great photo of Val's team. I felt the excitement and conviction for change. Yes indeed, we do need a change.

Anonymous said...

Why would you expect anything else from the Unity team?? ... Behind closed doors and hidden away .. Why should their electoral office be any different to the Council they are running now??