Sunday 17 February 2008

Good News

The crazy Good News Week is back out of the closet after 8 years that starts to fill a void in local current affairs comedy.

Good News Week, that ran from 1996 untill 2000, set the scene for show's like Chaser's War on Everything and ABC's recently axed The Glasshouse.

Paul McDermott will return to host the new show, that originally gave Rove McManus, Adam Hills and Wil Anderson national recognition.

"There's a new government and the honeymoon period is over with them," Paul McDermott told the Herald Sun. "The gloves are off and we're going to start hitting them where it hurts, as soon as we can get on air."

The show screens 8.30pm Mondays on 10.

Mickey Robbins is returning as one team leader, and Claire Hooper would replace Juile McCrossin as the other.

Here's one of those crazy moments from the original show with host Paul McDermott & Mark Trevorrow singing "I will always love you."

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Anonymous said...

Is Mickey Robbins any relative to Mikey Robbins the radio and TV personality? Hmm, spelling... teachers have a lot to answer for. Lucky you're not writing Council election material.