Sunday 10 February 2008

By Dugong bye bye

I am sure most of us were horrified by this image on TV last evening.
It was of a mother and calf being hauled into the Japanese ship.
Did you know that the Norwegians plan to take 1052 Minke whales. They claim this is sustainable, a word bandied around all too often these days with little thought of it's real meaning.
I guess Hedley, CEC and GlenCorp, along with Mayor Byrne's support, would have us believe that high-density Unit dwelling development is "sustainable". The fact is, it's not.
When we hear "sustainable" it drums up a sense of approval to suspect decisions.
Around the coastal waters off Cairns, and especially around Port Hinchinbrook, the incredible seacow or dugong is endangered. More protection for this unique grazing mammal in our shallow coastal waters is needed for preservation.
They only bred every few years so protection is necessary to stop decline. Fishing nets, boats and hunting and the coastal dredging at Trinity Park for Bluewater's abhorrent canal estate, threaten their survival.
I agree with banning, whaling but we should also look closer to home and protect the Dugong.

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