Friday 15 February 2008

Howard's End

The award-winning ABC 4 Corners is back on screen from Monday.
This one is all about Howard. John Howard. And his less-than gracefull exit from centre stage.
Liberals speak out, exposing dramas and leadership challenges that helped bury Howard and his government. For more than a year, Howard lived with the prospect of humiliation and in the end even lost his own seat of Bennelong seat.
At Kirribilli House on election night he witnessed his power vanishing. "He sort of just said, 'Well, that's it then, I'm dead meat',' his old right hand man Arthur Sinodinos tells 4 Corners.
The programme will reveal that senior colleagues are going public about the machinations behind the scenes as John Howard led them to electoral annihilation.
Liz Jackson's has compiled "Howard's End" that will air 8.30pm this Monday.

It will be repeated on Tuesday at 7 am on ABC2 and 11.35pm ABC.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Mark Latham never committed Australia to a criminal war for which we will have to pay war reparations. Mark Latham never lapped at the feet of an American President, like a dog, thus disgusting ordinary Australians who expect their Prime Minister to act and behave like a MAN with BALLS.
Mark Latham never sent navy gunboats out to prevent a Norwegian vessel which had obeyed the law at sea and picked up survivors off a sinking ship, from entering Australian waters.

Mark Latham would NEVER have lied to Australians about the "free trade agreement" as being "payment for our loyalty in being one of the coalition of the willing." (Remember Howard saying that AWFUL lie??)

Mark Latham never halved capital gains tax, thus directly causing an explosion in "investment" properties pushing up the price of real estate to record unaffordable levels in this country.

Good riddance to Howard - a gutless, snivelling, lying, toadying outhouse rat of a human being whose policies were designed to appeal to greed, racism and bigotry.
Even the memory of his weasel like voice is enough to make me shudder with revulsion.

If the Libs want a "leader" find someone with BALLS. Someone who can stand up to America, not a bullying coward who can kick the arse of half drowned refugees and stick babies in barbed wire concentration camps. Gahhh!

Howard disgusted and repulsed most Australians. He is un Australian.