Thursday 28 February 2008

Funny buggas

Election marketing collateral is littering our once beautiful 5 story-apartment-lined neighbourhoods. They are great fodder for the silliest of human behaviour that is now floating to the surface.

Yesterday Pull, Pool, I mean Paul Fleebody, Freebuddy, Feverbucky, I mean Freebody, claimed he and his family were being targeted in an organised campaign by the Russian Mafia. I don't know what's going on in his area, but Biff and Ben are obviously earning their KFC dinner packs that we've offered as a tempter.

Some of the city's hopefuls have been subject to a myriad of attacks as their public face adorns our streets.

Unity's Linda 'Coops' Cooper has had a number of her roadside election posters around Redlynch plastered with 'Lost Kittens' signs stuck on them.
"I rang the number on the flyer to ask if they had found their kittens," Linda told CairnsBlog.

"Unfortunately they haven't but are going to use more of my corflutes to get their message out!"

Linda says it's nice to see campaign signs being used in a positive manner.
Sno Bonneau has strategically positioned his signs at the main exit road. Are you trying to tell us something Councillor?

Sitting Councillor Alan Blake has been hard hit by inner city youth, determined to tag a number of his posters.

"Unfortunately we know this goes with the business of getting your message out there," Alan says.
"The best we can do is keep a look out and watch out for other signs as well."

Kevin Byrne's campaign team, both of them, must have a right sense of humour. Over the weekend they installed his corflutes under the flood indicator signs all along the Cook Highway, in what appears a weird attempt at black humour. These would look equally at home around Edmonton.

If you look closely at this photo of the Mayor's sign, you can see Councillor Margaret Cochrane's poster in the distant, just like she's still keeping a watch on what he's up too. Councillor Cochrane cut her ties with Unity sometime ago, and just last year he removed Margaret from the Sports and Culture committee.

Meanwhile, Mayoral candidate Val Schier is sporting a dashing moustache and eyebrows on the Northern Beaches.

"She's looks more manly than Kevin!" said the resident who SMS'd the photo to CairnsBlog.

Over in the southern suburbs, Deputy Mayor Terry 'Factman' James is in a two-way contest with Robert Pyne.

Their signs are at a respectful 5 meters apart.

"Well, you don't know what you might catch from them," says Robert.

Oh, there's comedy on every street corner.

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Anonymous said...

Sno Bonneau's signs are now in duplicate side by side along the CCH.
One Sno Bonneau is one too many in my book, and for most other residents as well. His tightlipped grimace says it all really.