Wednesday 20 February 2008

Sighs of the times

Jeff is sporting a new mo. Alan has visited the Bronx. Whilst Di is a new found friend of YAPS.

Election coreflute signs are now gracing the regions' streets, providing a ready made canvas for pranksters.

In what is childish behaviour, it's a activity that costs candidates dearly, the sport of election billboard defacing is in full swing it seems.

"They are really mean," says Di Forsyth, running in Division 7 for the Cairns 1st team.

"This is something that we can do without. Everyone has the right to display their [election] signs and they should respect our right."

Di Forsyth's defaced sign now is emblazoned with the word 'dog' on it. As a party that supports responsible pet ownership, maybe this was an endorsement? However Di, and all candidates, don't deserve this rough treatment.

"I would hope that people from any group who might be behind these activities, would leave them be over the next few weeks," says Di Forsyth.

Meanwhile Councillor Alan Blake reported that some of his signs were stolen over the last few days.

Blake, running as an independant, I mean independent, has reported that some of his election signs have been stolen, in what looks like a co-ordinated attack.

"I take these very seriously," says Alan Blake, "We intend to report any incidents to the police."

Standard election corfluttes cost anything between $15 and $25 a piece, most ordering around 50 or 100 each, so it is a costly investment.

"Losing signs is not only time consuming but is very unfair. Everyone running has a right to display their signage, so long as it complies with the law, and I'd hope any political opponents would give us a fair go," says Blake.

Blake says not about winning but how people play the game. "Win or loose, we all have to live in this city and with our conscience."

Political opponent to Blake, Richie Bates, says that a lot of hard work goes into a campaign. "It's a low blow to sabotage signs, especially when the Unity team has over a $100,000 for advertising," he says. "This is about giving a fair go to the battler out there."

Richie Bates has already reported defaced billboards to Blake, in the spirit of looking out for others running. "I defend the right for anyone to run in this campaign, regardless of their politics," Bates says.

In the 2004 Cairns City Council election, Cairns 1st team embraced the problem of election graffiti.

They launched an informal competition where people could creatively deface the billboard on the condition that the candidate's name was not obscured.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear this is happening. It isn't amusing and reeks of mindless vandalism.

Anonymous said...

The posting of corflutes and other political advertising is a "loophole" created by the politicians, for the politicians. Just like the new giant billboards along the Cook Highway at the airport - the Queensland government bans new billboards everywhere in the state EXCEPT for state land, where they can pollute as they please.

Politicians therefore have to expect that the public exercises OUR right to deface and remove these signs as we see fit. That's OUR political right, and some would say responsibility.

Now if I had a truck with a tall enough ladder, I'd be up defacing that monstrosity "not a campaign sign" of Mayor Byrne's in Smithfield.

And here's hoping the new council fires Julie Wright, Geoff Brazier, Peter Tabulo, and the rest of the gutless bureaucrats who refuse to do their administrative duty and instead have become political hacks, defending the status quo instead of working for the public.

Anonymous said...

Hi mustache's for everyone - my you sure are a bitter little vegemite!! Your 'right' to deface these signs? Truly? You'd be the first to scream bluemurder if your car was defaced should it happen to be parked on the side of the road. Stop whinging and get a life. By the way, do you deface all of these signs or just the ones of the people you don't like?

Anonymous said...

Hello again guys, I'm going to play a little game with you, it's called, "What I read, what was said."

You ready?

OK here goes.

What I read:
"Politicians therefore have to expect that the public exercises OUR right to deface and remove these signs as we see fit. That's OUR political right, and some would say responsibility."

What was said:

"Waaaaaaaaaaah!!! SOMEONE LOOK AT MEEEE!!! MEEE!!!! MEE!!!"

*tantrum* *throw a toy fire engine*


Fun game eh?

For God's sake, pull your freakin head in. Who gives a crap about the signs, they're not here for long.