Saturday 23 February 2008

Uni O Week starts Monday


Anonymous said...

Already late February and these Uni students look to just be wasting another week at taxpayer's expense.

What kind of "orientation" is this?

Typical Gen Y nonsense, all show and no go. Hit the books, you lazy kids!

Anonymous said...

... umm mate they pay tax as well... most of them put themsleves through a degree that places them in debt... and still struggle to live... did you know that the HLP Hendersons Poverty line dont include uni studneds... so insted of calling them lazy why not aprecaite the fact that they are becoming something?

Anonymous said...

Gen Y Sux - Don’t panic your tax dollars a safe….. Phew!!!!! Now maybe somethings you didn’t know which will help you to not come off as an uneducated git next time - JCU Cairns has one of the highest 1st generation enrollments in the Country. approx 40% do not come from Cairns and are away from there support networks. O'Week is paid for by funds from the Student Association which DOES NOT receive any Federal or State or Local govt funding, in fact every cent spent is coming from a time when students paid into the student association a time prior to work choices (in student land its called pre VSU) VSU (voluntary Student Unionism) is a system set up by the Howard govt aimed at big city uni's which had devastating effects on regional universities. Out of 9 regional student associations JCU Cairns is one of 4 still standing... Are you aware that at the end of 2005 JCU Cairns actually folded and had to put off approx 50 staff? (Townsville had to put off 320). O'week provides a chance the week before studies for students to establish support networks that will help them through there degree (which will leave them with around $50,000 debt & should they rely on centrelink payments the average payment is between $280 - $320 a fortnight) So in-between justifying why they want to better themselves to people like you, trying to juggle 2 jobs to live,. juggle studies, i believe they are entitled to a little time out and really think the community should get behind some of those events. Oh and before you go calling them “Kids” 45% of JCU Cairns is made up of mature age students.