Tuesday 19 February 2008

Syd or swim

Visiting Christchurch photographer Wayne De Goldi didn't know what he was getting himself in for when he started capturing candidates across the region for the upcoming election.

This last week he has been on the Tablelands snapping some unique images, as 31 candidates vie for a seat on the new Tablelands Regional Council.

At the northern end of Oak Forest, 20 kms from Kuranda, where it only stops raining for a couple of hours a day, he heads down to the causeway to photograph Syd Walker, with his K9 bodyguards. It was the third attempt in as many days to cross the flooded river. Armed with his stunning roadside posters, the invasion of Division 8 was on hold for yet another day - giving his opponents a unfair lead.

With the mighty Barron in full flood, the moment was seized for a photo-op, albeit without a soul to view to proceedings. Only readers of CairnsBlog will know Syd is starting his campaign.

"I therfeore returned home for another day planning, writing, and working on an exit strategy," says Tablelands Division 8 candidate Syd Walker. "I have a great plan by now, but if my exit strategy doesn’t work, my campaign is rooted!"

The river will probably be up all week, he predicts.

"I could beg for votes north of the Barron, but 99%+ of the electorate live on the other side," he muses. "My neighbours either like me, or they don’t. If they like me, they’ll probably vote for me anyhow. Those that don’t, might stop me in their driveway with a rifle!"

"At times like this I wish I had a helicopter - and to hell with my greenhouse emissions. I can’t believe I said that," says Syd with great mirth.

The wet season must be getting to him.


Anonymous said...

can we see some more pics of Syd AKA the Sydmeister AKA FNQ's own Fabio, like Syd at the beach, or Syd goes shopping?

Anonymous said...

More pics of Lord Lucan would be much more entertaining, IMO.

A recent sighting of the lucky lord in FNQ would be a real scoop for CairnsBlog.

Next best thing to Elvis at the Kuranda amphitheatre.

Anonymous said...

Nice Signs!

Makes Unity look Amateurish! If I lived in your area - you'd have my vote!