Monday 25 February 2008

Rob for Gold Coast Mayor

The pre-election propaganda is almost fever pitch across the State.

The Gold Coast, on the coat tails of developer corruption, is looking for a fresh approach.

Sitting Councillor, Rob Molhoek has taken a rather unconventional, but effective approach, onto YouTube, with the help of Sam_Kekovich.

Interestingly, the Gold Coast Council, unlike Cairns City Council, put up on their website the full declaration of interests of each Councillor. If you want that information here, you need to apply in writing. Why do they make it so difficult?

Anyway, you gotta love Molhoek's cheeky attitude, just wish we had more of this up here!


Anonymous said...

Lost me with "Running Over Hippies".

Anonymous said...

Obviously anonymous you don't know of Sam Kevovich. This is a send up of his style of delivery. Get it? It is humour. A way of making boring local politics more interesting!
If Byrne was delivering it he most probably WOULD mean it!