Thursday 28 February 2008

The small things in life

I think I do my best work in the wee small hours. That's my opinion, and I'm sticking to it.

Actually Pat Morrish quizzed me the other day when I make time to create content for CairnsBlog. I mainly scribe after hours, when there's no disturbance from phones, people or external noise. I find that the best time to think and be creative, is after everyone hits the sack.

So tonight, well early in the morning actually, I was putting a few pieces together, chewing through my bandwidth, and got startled when, out the corner of my eye, this wee fella (or fellaess) suddenly appeared on my bench. I have a rather lush rear courtyard, with a number of native plants. The wet is allowing them to flourish at present. It's also a very frog friendly environment. Here's some infor that will help you create a similar space: Qld Conservation Council and the EPA/QPWS.

This Green Tree Frog was tiny, as measured against the candle on my Rosegum kitchen slab. He (or her) didn't appear to mind his photo taken.

Soon after I snapped this pic, I relocated him (or her) to the garden.

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