Friday 15 February 2008

5:12pm at Smithfield Rubbish Tip

My neighbour just popped over to tell me a rather disturbing story.

A neighbour from across the street, along with his friend, popped down to Council's Smithfield rubbish refuse tip, in Dunne Road, at 5:12pm last evening. They were cutting it fine as the tip closes at 5:30pm.

The staff also don't allow entry to dump after 5:15pm. Understandable.

Bob pulled up alongside the entry office with the $5 fee in his hand at 5:12pm.

  • "You can't come in. We're closed," said the attendant.

    "It's not even quarter past five yet!" said Bob.

    "I have kids to get home to you know," the fella at the reception said.

    "Good on you mate! The tip is not closed yet, and with us two here it will only take a few minutes to empty our rubbish," explained Bob.

    "You're too late," he continued.

    "Not according to our watches. Look, it's also 5:12 on our mobile phone!" he showed the arrogant Council staff.

    "Well, you're not coming in," the grumpy Council tip attendant said.

    "What's your problem? Do we have to take our stuff all the way back home and come another day?"

    "Go away, you're not dumping here now!"
Is this the kind of service we should expect from our Council?

I think Council's City Water which manage this facility should have a talk to that staff member. He needs a lesson in customer service.

Seems like the bull and arrogant attitude is something that acts like a virus through some Council staff.


Anonymous said...

Appalling attitude yes, but Council don't run the transfer station, it is managed by a private sector contractor.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jamie - Smithy

I posted the above comment anonymously but my name is Allan and I live at Trinity. I loathe James / Schofiled / Factman / Byrne and the rest of the Unity mob, I passionately want to see them removed from office because of their ideological extremes and contempt for the community they claim to represent.

It is my hope that community based decisions are made on common sense and rational logic which requires the consideration of factual matters. The fact is that the Smithfiled Transfer station is operated by a private sector contractor. I would agree that CCC have at least a moral obligation to ensure contractors that they engage uphold acceptable standards of behaviour when dealing with community members.

By the way, my opinion is that Terry James is not a dick, as dicks are useful in the community.

Anonymous said...

Oh get real you lot.
Council cannot vet every attitude or comment made by contractors workers.

Put your complaint in writing, and the Manager, Waste & Refuse collection, with Cairns Water will sort it out.

Or ring Kevin on "Maccas Matters", Wednesday morning, and bother him with this trivial crap.

Or better still, ring Mike Moore and he can use it to further fill this blog with useless meaningless crap!!

PS: What happened to the Amanda joke?
Where did it go?