Wednesday 13 February 2008

Miss New Zealand

Today New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark has become the longest serving leader and also of the New Zealand Labour Party in New Zealand history.

This is not an inconsiderable achievement, and an indication of how dominant Clark's leadership has been in the last decade.

She has been leader for around 14 years, three months, and has overtaken their 1st leader - Harry Holland.


Anonymous said...

go girlfriend! Clark is kewl.

Anonymous said...

Helen Clark rocks!! Yes, go Helen!
Pisses me off that a little fart of a country like New Zealand can produce statesman-like pollies, the worlds best cheese, wool, jade, singers...and you know what?? They also make all their own tourist souvenirs!!!! Go Arrowtown!

Anonymous said...

yeah NZ cheese is great, if in doubt buy NZX cheese cos its alway good!