Saturday 16 February 2008

Saturday morning coffee

A couple of funny things happened yesterday.

In a somewhat juxtapose situation that is befitting of this unfolding political race, two senior political leaders were at opposite ends of town, seemingly swapping territories.

Division 3 candidate Robert Pyne was out pressing the political flesh at his Woree Southside Shopping Centre, where he spotted Mayor Kevin Byrne, sitting outside sipping his low fat soy Latte all by his lonesome.

"I'm coming to get you," exclaimed Robert, in his jovial, often biting sense of humour.

"You're coming to get no one!" blurted back Kevin in a rather grumpy tone.

Meanwhile, across town, in knobby wanker-central Edgehill, Deputy Mayor Terry James wandered past some fundraising Cairns 1st supporters, sporting Vote for Val t-shirts. There was Dr Paul Matthews who is running against incumbent Councillor Margaret Cochrane. Margaret was across the road at the Edge Cafe sipping Earl Grey tea with Councillor Alan Blake plotting an overthrow of the Third Reich.

Paul quizzed the Deputy Mayor: "We hear you are the infamous 'Factman' on CairnsBlog!"

"I wouldn't have anything to do with that," defended Terry defiantly. "That CairnsBlog is a nutcase!"

This is in contrast to State member for Cook, Jason O'Brien's claim that the mysterious 'Factman' is indeed Deputy Mayor Terry James. After we published his column recently, I mentioned to Jason that it was interesting how 'Factman' had surprisingly vanished from the comments pages of the Blog.

"Interesting about the Factman. I know it is him the same way a blind person identifies people, by their smell and sound. I've heard his arguments and know his language well," he says.

"Sorry to scare him away though, he did spice it up a bit and I suspect he will just blog as an anon from now on. To be honest I expected him to get really upset but it shows what happens when you stand up to them," said Jason.

It appears that Jason is a huge fan of CairnsBlog. "If I'm in the bush, I might not see it and get withdrawal symptoms and start withering. However, the blog is going from strength to strength and it was great to see one Unity Team member [Linda Cooper] openly blogging. The rest are governed by fear."

We're here to make everyone happy. Even Kevin. Especially Kevin. We'd like to give Kevin a well-deserved holiday in Russia over the winter.


Anonymous said...

Neither the Siberians nor the Papuan New Guineans would have him back, he was asked kindly to leave both places after waering out his welcome.

I always thought the Chinese were a very clever people. Let's see where he slinks off to after Mar 15.

Anonymous said...

Jason O'Brien out bush?

What a joke! He's an ornamental MP, with so much spare time on his taxpayers' salary that he can run a dead end campaign for his own self satisfaction.

Bloody hell, his electorate office is 2 electorates away from Cook, and that's been targeted by people that are unhappy with him and don't even live in Cook!

Nevermind, his real constituents will vote him out soon enough, even with the electoral fraud the ALP conducts in the cape.