Sunday 24 February 2008

Their vision for our future

The Mayoral candidates will face big questions about "Advancing Sustainability" on Monday 3rd March.

CAFNEC, the Cairns and Far North Environment Centre, invites everyone to the Court House Hotel, 38 Abbott Street from 12-1.30pm. The forum will be facilitated by ABC's Pat Morrish.

You will be able to hear all mayoral candidates declare their vision for a sustainable regional future.

What does “ecologically sustainable development” mean and how will they implement it? What are the challenges they will face as leaders?

“We seek to help the community make an informed vote on March 15," says CAFNEC Campaign Director Steve Ryan,

"With Climate Change and a growing regional population set to place pressure on water, habitat and lifestyles, a vision for our regions' future must be one of the most important planks in any candidates platform," he says.

Come along and see how these hopefuls will face the challenge.

Monday 3rd March
Cairns Regional Council Forum
Court House Hotel, 38 Abbott Street

Tuesday March 4th
Tablelands Regional Council Forum
Merrylands Cafeteria
Atherton Showgrounds
Facilitated by Jason Hagen

More information contact:
Steve Ryan 0425 344 746
Elaine Harding 40321 746 or 0408113281

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