Monday 18 February 2008

Love Rod

Division 10 candidates Melinda Cox, Julia Leu and Rod Davis all received a nice surprise from State member for Cook, Jason O'Brien.

Rod Davis, candidate for Division 10 and Douglas Shire Councillor, replied...

  • Dear Jason,

    Thanks mate for your kind $150 campaign donation, I thank you for your friendship.

    However, it's thanks, but no thanks after my people were shafted, insulted and stifled in their objections to your parties' amalgamation.

    The Queensland Australian Labor Party has bungled the iconic legislation, through its proposed mal-administration, and your failure to give us, the aggrieved Douglas, any decent say in future planning changes.

    After Europe has banned fluoride, you ignorantly shove it down our throats, ruining our pride in what was once deemed the healthiest water in the country.

    Yes, we may have our backs to the wall, as the developers back Unity, and as the ALP backs its hacks, but no, we in Douglas are not going under: we will be noisy, positive and innovative in the new Cairns Council. Douglas' light may flicker, but it will never be extinguished.

    Councillor Rod Davis
    9/9 Craven Close
    Port Douglas
    Tel 0418 235 561

Rod Davis explains that the Crime and Misconduct Commission made very strong recommendations after the Gold Coast developer-funded farce, bought "the best democracy that money can buy".

"It was a blatant perversion of democracy, where developers can pay the campaign funds for their chosen candidates, and then expect to get preferred treatment when it comes to approving their DA's," says Rod Davis.

The CMC said, at the very least, candidates should be required to declare where their funding comes from, before the election date, not after, when it’s too late to effect voter’s decisions.

"The Queensland ALP, who like the Cairns Unity Party, are up to their necks in property industry campaign funds, did the unethical thing, as is their way, and refused to run with the CMC recommendations," says Davis.

"The reason is obvious, as both the ALP, (like the Gold Coast Council, and the Unity Team), all took (and still take) what is not much short of bribes, from developers," Rod Davis claims.

"My personal view is that is way safer and much more ethical, especially in local government, to not take political donations, as political donations come with political expectations. As an independent, independence means no ‘favours’ owing. Local elections are not multi-million dollar affairs," says Davis.

"I urge anyone worth their salt, to ask some questions as to who is funding who in this [election] game. If there are accusations that Cairns is too beholden to the development game, it’s not hard figuring out why," says Rod Davis.

"Years ago, I’ve was once given a donation for newspaper ad, from a family friend, who was once in development. I won’t do it again. I might add, I was a bit cheeky with the cheque, as it was used for the once famed, IN ROD WE TRUST, piss-take ad."

Rod, you can send Jason's cheque to CairnsBlog, we'll take anyone's money.


Anonymous said...

I think I've just fallen in love with Rod Davis.

Someone needs to stick it to that self righteous, inactive, and as is well known, useless, O'Brien.

It makes me sad to think I contribute to his pay.

Anonymous said...

Oh.. and I didn't even notice it was dated St Valentine's Day.

We should feel sorry for him, having to buy friends..

Anonymous said...

Tyson, you and Rod will be so hot together. But what about your old boyfriend Work Choices, are you really dumping him because he is no longer cool?

Anonymous said...

This looks suspiciously like a publicity stunt concocted between Jason O'Brien and Rod Davis.

Jason looks generous. Rod looks pure. No money changes hands. Very clever, gentlemen.

If Jason would like to try his luck recyling the cheque in my direction, he may not be so fortunate.

I'll record all significant donations and they will buy no influence, but on that basis I've never seen a problem taking money from anyone.

The less I like them, the better.

If Dick Cheney is reading this I hope it may reassure him. A large donation from Haliburton would be just the thing to give my campaign a much-needed lift.

Hey, I could even buy the Cairns Post off Rupert. Then it would have to cover some of my more significant news releases.

Anonymous said...

rod is way kewl, he shooda run 4 mayor, may have got in. He shood run next time, gives him a term to choose a unique hat like other successful regional mayors, or grow some type of long beard or moustache. Can u imagine Davis's CD collection next to Byrne's! Schier's would be all Enya and the Corrs and Stevie Nicks solo-albums. Byrne would like Glen Campbell and Nat King Cole. Davis an old Kiss and Koo-De-Tah fan from way back!

Anonymous said...

What? Rod 4 Mayor?

But I have has a radio programme called the NOT ROD 4 MAYOR SHOW for years now!

My CD Rack might feature the Sex Pistols with, "God Save The Queen, it's a Fascist Regime"
That should hit a chord in Cairns.

Rock'n Rod Davis

ps.....its still 15 minutes before I could shift from Div 10 councillor, to the guys wanting the silly chains around my neck. What to do?

It's only $150 bucks fee either way...the other $240,000 from developers for the campaign should only take about 20 minutes to arrange on the steps of Cairns Parliament: Romano's.

Anonymous said...

Hey "anon".. Bugger Work Choices!

We are talking about Voter Choices.

And we are talking about both Liberal and Labor's' totally corrupt use of donations, in service of their donors...either union or business.

And at a Council level, where development is the 100 pound gorilla of donations, who is funding who? If its isn't already obvious.

Just check the 2004 register of donations and map it against the last 4 years of Cairns approvals.