Friday 15 February 2008

Praetorian starting up

I just came across this in a google search.

Someone has set up a new website called The Cairns Regional Council Praetorian.

It has the byline: "Ratepayers of Cairns Regional Council deserve a ‘Peoples Mayor’… not a ‘Developers Bagman!’ "

Praetorian is a very old word. Some dictionaries just state it comes from "praetor," which means "an annually elected magistrate of the ancient Roman Republic."

However, it also has a corrupt meaning to it: "A large praetorian bureaucracy, filled with ambitious, possessive . . . and often sycophantic people, makes work and makes trouble"

So far there's nothing on line, besides an empty listing titled 'Dirty Deeds File'

Wonder what type of Praetorian we will get in 28 days time?

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Anonymous said...

"....praetorian bureaucracy...filled with ambitious, possessive and sycophantic people....". That is the culture of our bureacracies today. Read Bob Woodward's "The Truth of the Matter" to see how the bureaucrats in the USA rolled over and supported Bush's lies, leading to the Iraq disaster.
Think it doesn't happen here? I give you the Bundaberg Hospital and Dr. Death, just for a start.