Friday 15 February 2008

Bad hair day

It's been bothering me for a while now.
I said to myself I would not mention it, but goddammit I just have to get it off my chest.
At first, I thought it was merely a printing error. So I waited till the next "New Hospital" coupon appeared in the Cairns Post. It was bound to happen. So today I thought I'd do the expose!
There's a "I wanna sleep with you" photo of our illustrious Cairns Post Editor, Mark Alexander alongside the petition coupon. He's the poster boy of the campaign.
Now I should declare that this is no swipe at Mark. Not at all. Mark is really a nice guy. Ask anyone who's met him. He has those boy-next-door looks, as if he should be working at the family accounting firm and making lentil soup and cookies for the staff. Golly, he even bought me a coffee a couple of weeks ago! '

Now, I know that we all have a bad hair day occasionally, but I feel duty-bound to raise this for the public of Cairns to decide.....

What's going on with that bit sticking up Mark? Did Norbert take the pic and was trying to be creative? I think some twink or a touch up in PhotoShop (I used to use red litho tape when I was in the trade) will nip that extra annoying bit off nicely.

There ya go. I've said it. Now where's that gel?


Anonymous said...

Twink!? You kiwi's and your crazy names for office stationery! IT"S WHITE OUT!!!

That's not a Mohawk...

It's not a Faux hawk...

is it perhaps just a hawk?

Heck, perhaps he's onto something!

*runs to stylist*

Anonymous said...

A guy mounts a campaign to get the city a new hospital and all CairnsBlog can do is bag his hairstyle? What are you, gay or something?

Anonymous said...


I thought it was funny.

Anyway - it's the Mayor's build a hospital campaign.. not the cairns post. we all know that. Think Paul in Edmonton said he's waited 8 years to do this and 4 weeks before the election byrne has all gone mad on the idea. typical out-of-ideas polly!

Anonymous said...

That's not his hair, that's the shape of his head.

Anonymous said...

Hair jokes aside, see what good the Cairns Post could actually accomplish if those in charge pulled their thumbs out of their arses.
They could employ and investigative Journalist to look into corruption within Council,
They could send some cadet Journo out into the wild suburbs and interview real people.

Again just the tip on the iceberg .