Wednesday 20 February 2008

CairnsBlog You Tube channel

Val did it. Robert did it. Hell, even Anna Nicole Smith did it.

Now your favourite Blog - the one you hate to love, and love to hate - is on You Tube.

Here we'll collate local news, radio clips and videos of False Cape crusaders risking their life and wallet to bring you the real news.

Pour yourself a cheap red, and jump on over to

And here's a treat for those that missed it on Monday night: the always lovely Councillor Freebody being ever so nice about his election opponent.

You have to thank the team at WIN TV for bringing us this stuff, it's so important that when city leaders talk like this, it's there for everyone to see.

If anyone out there in blog land has a spare or old camcorder they're not using, or would like to loan one to CairnsBlog, please drop me a line. We promise not to film anything with non-consenting animals.


Anonymous said...

Paul should know better than to retaliate publically.

Kirsten just.. shouldn't have gone public. Now she just looks like an uppity bitch when in fact, she should be promoting the youth factor, rather than letting Paul slander it on television.

No one won anything from this. Sometimes it's better to just not say anything at all.

Maybe Kirsten is indeed too young?
I'm sorry - but I have a friend in your division - in fact you talked to him in your doorknocking. I believe you just lost his vote, too.

Anonymous said...

Don’t believe everything you see on TV, I think perhaps Ms Lesina’s point was lost in that Councillor Freebody did not seem to know what area he was representing, having been the lucky recipient of two of his flyers the poor "Love" cant seem to make up his mind who he is going to represent with Kanimbla left off altogether twice….. He wont be representing me given he seems unaware we are in his division.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather a young and possibly slightly inexperienced representative (at least she can learn) than the arrogant illiterate grump that we currently have. Maybe he's yapping around the head dog a little too much.

I won't be voting for peabrain, he won't miss me, he doesn't know he's got me :P

Anonymous said...

Lets sum up Freebody here, then make up your mind whether he is the best for the position.

In his role as councillor so far he...

1...has had the least attendance at coucnil meetings of any councillor

2...has to leave the meeting the most amount of times when voting comes around because of a 'conflict of interest'

3...send very nasty letters and emails to those who don't agree with him (so much for the code of conduct)

4...pays no attention whilst in council meetings anyway. even KB has to remind him to keep up.

Sounds very much to me like someone who couldn't really give a stuff about his role as an elected member of our community. Only in it for the extra $$$ it brings.

oh and of course...

5....he can't spell for shit.