Tuesday 16 September 2008

How to comment on CairnsBlog

I made the decision, after much deliberation, to request everyone who wants to post comments on CairnsBlog, to use their name.

There was some strong reactions from a few, to say the least.

I first raised this subject last November, to much debate. I suggest to have a peep at the raft of objections poised about why names are a no no. I said back then that some comments bear more relation to toilet wall graffiti than intelligent debate.

If for some godforsaken reason you think the secret police will ram your door down at 3:04am if you say something on here, then use a pseudonym, a nic name, your cat's name, or something that you wish to be known as. Just no more Anons!

If you feel it's OK to make blatant statements and comments about others and public issues - like I do every day -you need to be open to a fair response. My aim is that this should encourage healthy open debate, which we need in Cairns. I think we are all sick and tired of closed door politics.

A regular CairnsBlogger said "I am a widow and frankly, too nervous to leave my name on a blogsite. I regret having to do so [stop posting], as I have been a regular contributor, but my safety comes first."

I find it hard to believe that someone’s personal safety is in question by commenting publicly, if one can substantiate what is being said. However, if they think safety is compromised, they should go to the police, or perhaps ask themselves why? Do they think Kevin Byrne or the developer they're writing about, is going to come and beat them up? If we, as a community, are airing legitimate issues in a open forum, what have we got to hide or to be scared of? This is called a democracy. After all, I've put my name (and dodgy photo) on the line, and provided this forum for anyone to engage and debate.

Another comment poster, who was a great contributor, emailed me the other day and said that after I removed the 'Anon' posting feature, she was unable to log on to provide comments. "It seems I have been expelled, most likely because I am a woman," said Ms Anon. "I note all the women participants, most of whom were known to me, have also left. I guess this was the intention all along, to make 'CairnsBlog' a male only site.

Well, I admit it, the Internet is really a boys-only zone. After all, you girls have your knitting, walks in the park, collecting shells, shopping, wearing lots of different shoes, gosh, you even run our city now, what else do you want?

To do this, it's rather simple, you'll need to have an account with one of the following providers:-
- Google user
- OpenID name
- Live Journal
- WordPress
- TypeKey

I use Google (love you guys!), but you are welcome to use anyone of the above. You can prevent other readers / viewers seeing your email address and any other identifying details.

People should speak up and be heard – we live in Cairns, not flamin Zimbabwe for crying out loud (as a friend reminded me the other day).

This is easy and you'll be impressed with yourself! If you want to place a link to another website as a reference, this is how you do it, instead of copying the entire http:////////// stuff.

URLofLINK which could be this....

www.CairnsBlog.net>The greatest voice in Cairns

Which would appear like.... The greatest voice in Cairns

Finally, please be aware that the posting policy is still to be observed, and the main reason a comment will be removed, is if it's not on the topic under discussion.

That said... be active. Be involved. Be brave. Be outspoken. Be loud. Be heard. Be honest.

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Anonymous said...

I'll give this another go. So far I have posted 4 comments and none of them made it past the censor. Was it something I said about the 250,000 unregistered voting Kiwis being in Australia?