Wednesday 24 September 2008

Richardson on ABC

Wendy Richardson, representing PADYC - the group that have campaigned to protect and retain the Yacht Club building on it's present site, will be on ABC Far North this morning at 8:30am.

She'll be talking with the new Pat Morrish, Fiona Sewell.

Tune in on 106.7 FM. It's also on something called AM.

PADYC is organizing a public rally this weekend to protest about the removal of the Cairns Yacht Club from its site. Further advice will be available as soon as venue and key speakers are confirmed.


Anonymous said...

I applaud Wendy Richardson for her passionate defense of this significant heritage building and hate to sound a discordant note.

However, I'd like to know if there's any truth in the rumour that this is the same Wendy Richardson who's brother, Bob Norman, has been clearing cassowary habitat in Speewah, adjacent to World Heritage, with scant regard for the concern of local conservationists?

If not, I do apologize (very good to clear up a misunderstanding).

If it is true, could Wendy please have a word with her sibling about the importance of conserving heritage?

Anonymous said...

Does Wendy Richardson read this intereactive blog? May CairnsBlog readers infer that her silence on this question is confirmation of the rumour?

If so, I trust a deep, meaningful conversation is now underway in the Norman/Richardson families - focusing on the need to conserve (globally significant) heritage values.

A clean green image is becoming important for all aspiring politicians, as our culture slowly matures and stops trashing our inheritance.

That's how the world changes, I guess.

One (working) family at a time...

Anonymous said...

Squid Walkabout ... you are doing exactly the same as what those labour mongrel dogs are doing.
You are ignoring the message and in your insidious way, you are attacking the messenger.
Wendy has more soul and passion about Cairns and its people than all those labour pretenders put together.
I suggest you back of the politics and get with what this is all about ... "trashing our inheritance".

Anonymous said...

Dear Quickie

I like dogs. I don't agree with eugenics. As I clearly can't beat 'em, I've become a working family myself. Hence, in my book, 'labour mongrel dog' is a compliment. The ALP can speak for itself.

I am not "ignoring the message", if The Message is to save the Cairns Yacht Club.

I am not "attacking the messenger", if The Messenger is Wendy Richardson.

I'm merely asking Wendy to use her notable persuasive skills to suggest to her brother that he lays off high conservation value areas when choosing parcels of land to carve into smaller blocks in order to make himself even more wealthy.


If you don't, I may dig out a photo or two of the consequences of Mr Norman's 'development' in prime Cassowary habitat.

Photos may make my point more apparent. It's said a picture is worth 1,000 words.

Anonymous said...

Walkabout ... you are duckin' and a weavin'.
You are trying to denigrate Wendy by associating her alleged relationship with that other "go-getter" in town, Bob Norman.
What's the point?
Get back to what you were on about "trashing our inheritance" ... or have you forgotten?

Anonymous said...

Hey Sid, I keep thinking what would happen if anyone asked me to influence or persuade either of my brothers to do anything at all. Or vice versa.

It just wouldn't work, mate!

They say you pick your friends, not your family. My brothers don't listen to a word I say. More than that they grew up with me and have established ways of NOT paying attention.

I reckon treat Wendy as her own woman. And go for Bob as needed. I don't much like what he does either.

Anonymous said...

With friends like you, Bryan, and the ever-loyal 'Quickie' (whoever he or she is?), it appears that Wendy has lots of allies, green and blue, so I doubt the odd critic up in the hills will bother her much.

Your point about sibling influence - or the probable lack thereof - is well taken.

I just thought it might be different in this case, because Wendy is (a) a prominent right-of-centre local politician and (b) passionate about defending heritage.

If I had a sister like that, I'd think twice about running bulldozers through cassowary habitat. What about you? So I figured that, armed with a few facts, Wendy might make save Speewah too (I hear Freshwater may be next...)

Doing so would greatly strengthen Wendy's position when facing howls of "hypocrite" from the "Labour mongrel dogs" Quickie warns about.

Incidentally, Bob Norman's recent public opposition to FNQ 2025 would also be more credible if he didn't personally undertake the very kind of inappropriate developments that the new regional plan will (let's hope!) consign to history.

Anonymous said...

Syd, I believe by his style that 'Quickie' is the same person as our old mate 'Factman'.

Factman also used to drill into us with every opportunity that Labor are 'dogs' and also used to sarcastically alter the names of those he replies to (Syd Walker = Squid Walkabout).

There were many rumours as to who Factman actually was. My guess at the time was that Factman was Dennis Quick, KBs personal assistant as nobody else would ever suck up Byrnesy's arse the way Factman used to. He used to promote and 'admire' KB in a rather disturbing way sometimes. After the election, Factman had dissapeared, and someone called 'Quickie' comes along and comments with the same words and style.

Quickie , Dennis QUICK. What do you reckon? Has Detective Captain Cairns has worked it out?