Wednesday 10 September 2008

10am this Thursday

Supporters of the preservation of the historic Yacht Club building on our waterfront, are invited to attend the Council's Planning and Environment Committee meeting this Thursday, commencing at 10am.

Councillors will be put on the spot, with a proposal that the Cairns Regional Council advocate on behalf of the residents of Cairns.

People Against Demolishing of the Cairns Yacht Club will be asking for Councillors to stick up for those among their constituents who signed the 10,000-strong petition. It's hard to think when such a large local public petition was achieved in Cairns over recent years. PADYC are prepared to bring to life the kind of public participation in Council affairs that Mayor Val Schier desires.

We’ll be watching closely every Councillor to see which way they incline, towards democracy or bossism.


Anonymous said...

I shall be there.

Anonymous said...

If the land has already been sold, as I suspect it has been, then what can the Council do?

Anonymous said...

Dish Pig, if the land has already been sold then it is freehold and no longer strategic port land. It becomes subject to the CairnsPlan and completely in Council's ball park.

Anonymous said...


I still find it unethical that you let people make comment on your site and remain anonymous. Clearly many are cowards, with too much time on their hands, who haven't got the strength of character to make their comments and to put their name on them.

Amazing how brave people can be when they can hide behind "anonymous". If you really want this blog to have crediblity - make it mandatory for everyone making a comment to put their name on it.

I have made this point before but you ignored it. I love freedom of speech and the fact that we can make comment about anything we want. And that is what keeps people honest - fear of being caught. But you do have a lot of people who are misinformed, making slanderous comments about individuals, based purely on what they "perceive" is the truth in their world - and they do it all with a mask to protect them.

Not very brave or open really is it? I find the whole concept of what you are doing with a great idea - but don't let it be a sounding board for lunatics to fire barbs from the comfort of their computer late at night, with no means of true come back for the people on the receiving end of the barbs.

Andrew Griffiths