Sunday 7 September 2008

At the edge of the Cliff

Just as the Australian Federal Parliament introduced a bill remove discrimination against same-sex partners, UK's legend and shaggy old pop star, Sir Cliff Richard has announced he is living with a man as his 'companion'.

He met Father John McElynn in 2001, a former Roman Catholic priest, and has shared his life with him for the last seven years.

Cliff is now 67 and is a rather famous Christian. His life has always been the subject rumours about his sexuality, he states in his new autobiography My Life, My Way published yesterday.

"That was seven years ago and our arrangement has worked out really well. John now spends most of his time looking after my properties," he says. Cliff says the former priest shares his home and has become a companion. "I'm sick to death of the media's speculation about it [sexuality]. What business is it of anyone else's what any of us are as individuals? I don't think my fans would care either way."

He support the UK's new civil partnerships law for same sex couples.

Cliff's revelations comes days after the new Australian Same-Sex Entitlements Bill is presented to the House. It will look after areas like immigration, taxation, veterans' pensions and even aged care. This follows legislation earlier this year removing discrimination in superannuation.

Labor's push ahead with this follows last year's Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission’s report which recommended 58 laws be changed to end discrimination against same-sex couples and their children. The new law, amends 68 laws recognises de facto couples, even if one or both partners is still legally married to someone else.

Liberal party critics have accused Labour of legalising polygamy. Don't you love it when the extremists come out?! However the government has decided to tackle legal inequities between gay and straight couples, but still maintains that marriage is only between a man and a woman. Four years ago, Howard passed legislation banning same-sex marriage.


Anonymous said...

Those of us who are fans of Sir Cliff have always known he was gay and we respected his right to privacy. He is, and always has been a very good person.

Anonymous said...

He may be a good person but he is NOT a real Christian if he is doing this immoral stuff which in the Bible is considered perverted. Read these Bible verses: Leviticus Chapter 20 verse 13 and Romans Chapter 1 verse 27.

Anonymous said...

Clif may be a good person but if he is doing immoral stuff then he is NOT a real Christian. Read these Bible verses Leviticus Chapter 20 verse 13 and Romans Chapter 1 verse 27. Lisa