Tuesday 30 September 2008

Another DA to watch

Northern Beaches Warrior this morning pointed me to this notice that appeared in the Cairns Post last week.

It is an MCU to enable the "Greens" - the current building under construction which was supposed to be a “resort” - to become another multi-unit housing estate.
Here's the Development Approval, minus the maps.

As a local resident commented, “you will note that, by an amazing stroke of luck, the existing building layout already meets all the requirements for permanent residency, including extra car parking spaces not needed for the resort, but necessary for permanent residents. A cynic might conclude that this was the original intention, and all the publicity about a resort was just a front to ease through the approvals process."

A further cynic may also note that the planned "lifestyle centre" next to the resort-cum-housing complex is nowhere to be seen yet, and that the recent applications for extended liquor and gaming licenses might be precursors for a pub on that site. Who knows - anything is possible as we have seen.

My guess the 'Life style Centre' will become a couple of bars attached to the restaurant, smoking area out the front, a playground for the rugrats, a gaming room and TAB for mum and dad and the whole place let to the Housing Commission.

It is indeed an amazing stroke of luck that the half-completed building already meets the requirements.

Time will tell.

Submissions close 20 October 2008

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