Friday 26 September 2008

Commodore Ferguson leaves with memories

This afternoon, Cairns Yacht Club Commodore Warner Ferguson left the old Wharf Street waterfront building with mixed feelings.
"It's a sad time, but the politicians put us here," he said.
Surrounded by a 100 meter steel perimeter fence, constructed by local family firm Anton Demolitions, the old club house is on death row.
"We've got most of the things out of the building, and some will go to Ellis Beach, which we plan to develop," Ferguson said.
We've been on this site, in this building since 1908," he recalled. "I must look through the Club Minutes, as they go back even beyond that. SO there is sadness about leaving this building."
Commodore Ferguson also was questioning the future plans for the site, which even he was unsure of.
"I'll be very disappointed if this is another high-rise, right here."
Anton Demolitions were very coy about revealing plans that they are now contracted to undertake for the Port Authority. They are effectively under a gag order and didn't want to discuss their work.
"Our job is to do this will minimal damage to the parts that will be retained," they said today. "We know that there is a large amount of public feeling and anger about what is going on."
A trespass gathering will be staged at the site to breach the perimeter fence on Tuesday afternoon at 2pm.
"It will be to display to the State Government that we are upset and very disappointed that they have not listened to the people of Cairns," says protest organiser Bryan Law.
A Rally will be held at ANZAC Park opposite the Yacht Club building tomorrow (Saturday) at 2pm. Speakers include the State Opposition Heritage spokesperson, and Professor Jan Wegner from James Cook University, who was involved in the original heritage listing application.

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