Saturday 27 September 2008

A corrupt out of touch State Government

It's worth having a read through this.

Meticulously compiled by a local researcher, these are the Record of Proceedings from the Queensland Legislative Assembly, over the past few years. It chronicles every mention in our Parliament about the fight to save the Cairns Yacht Club building, up till last month when nearly 10,000 locals signed a petition.

The highlighted coloured parts are the ones worth paying attention to. Some will make your blood boil especially where it says about the Cairns Yacht Club building's heritage listing application “after considering the independent assessor’s report, the Heritage Council decided against listing the Cairns Yacht Club [building].”

The way this reads several times, one could read an inference into it that the assessor actually didn’t think it deserved to be listed. In fact he did think it should be listed and disagreed with the Assessor for the Port Authority who said it didn't have State significance. But he was commissioned and paid to come up with that answer.
  • The provision of ongoing funding for redevelopments of the Esplanade, Cityport Wharf area and the central business district could only be seen as a stimulus', Northern Industry Development Association chairman Russell Board said. 'We see these as keystone projects for Cairns—there's a lot at stake with them because they will have a big impact on the confidence of property developers,' Mr Board said. 'They will act as a very positive stimulus and will probably lead to further private investment.' That is something which this Government is aiming to achieve.
This starts to show the long trail of practices leading to the inference of corruption on this long sordid story.

The other mitigating point is the Certificate of Immunity that was granted to the Cairns Port Authority.
  • "This is done in order to encourage and facilitate financial transactions so it will not be an impediment to a sale that there may be a possibility of heritage registration."

Member for Cook Bredhauer, the then Minister for Transport and Minister for
Main Roads...

  • With respect to port-related amendments, it is proposed to clarify the powers of the Cairns Port Authority under the Transport Infrastructure Act 1994, to enable delivery of all aspects of the Cairns Cityport development presently being undertaken by that authority. The project will be managed through a series of development leases. Once each precinct project is successfully completed, the lease then allows for the freehold title to pass from the port authority to the developer.

So Desley Boyle was spot on. It was all about money. The whole thing is a commercial decision to raise revenue from the sale of the land and the development of private buildings on the site. Without question, she has failed her people. When she leaves office, either by vote or retirement, this will be her legacy to the community of Cairns. Oh, and the disgusting CBD she referred to last weekend.

The people had little chance to keep their beloved heritage.


Anonymous said...

Have a look at page 50 in the Real Estate supplement in the Cairns Post.
"Soon to be unveiled" Cairns best ever waterfront address is about to get even better.
A fresh new look is about to be revealed at Harbourt Lights - Cairns only absolute waterfront apartments and penthouses.

Anonymous said...

Something is absolutely rotten in the State of Queensland alright. How do we unearth these corrupt bastards? When will the outcome of the Nuttall inquiry be heard, will it be before an election, I doub it? Why did Beattie leave in such a hurry? Where are our good investagative journalists in this country who actually got paid to dig? The world has gone mad!