Thursday 25 September 2008

Hillslope and habitat protection sought

Cairns' regional environmental watchdog Cafnec, is asking residents to lobby their local councillor to support the hillslope and habitat protection proposal that is currently before the Cairns Regional Council.
You can download this letter and send it to your local councillor. If you still think your Councillor is Kathy Plath or Paul Freebody, or even Terry James, then I suggest you check to find out who your local cop is.
Save Our Slopes and the Whitfield Hill Community Action Group will present a report outlining 25 proposals dealing with around 60 areas of hillslope and vegetation rezoning. This includes the slopes of False Cape. Cafnec says they deal with zonings within the Cairns Plan that are in conflict with it’s own Desired Environmental Outcomes and asks that these areas be designated ‘Conservation’.
"This would entitle private landowners to build a house and caretakers residence but prohibit allotments from being subdivided," says Cafnec's Steve Ryan.
"This years’ Local Government Elections saw several sitting councillors elected on a platform of hillslopes and habitat protection, Ryan says.
"Now is the time for this Council to deliver on these promises. Action today will not only help preserve the nature and character of our region, but will also allow future decisions to be made without having to be defended through expensive legal action," Steve Ryan says.

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