Friday 19 September 2008

Get your house in order Anna

So, the nice State Government is trying to 'consult' with our community.

This time they're calling it Toward Q2 - Tomorrow's Queensland.

This coming Monday - we only get two days notice - they're asking for us plebs to come along for an evening's discussion at Trinity Bay State High School, from 6pm.

The spin of this wee exercise appears to be setting an 'action plan' for our future. They say Q2 is about tackling targets of our 'economy, environment, lifestyle, education, skills, health, and community'.

Well, the Cairns wider community has presented a petition to you just a few weeks ago Anna Bligh, telling you that we want our 'lifestyle to be enhanced by the retention of the old Yacht Club building. So what makes you think we believe you and your government that you will listen to us at all?

Your government - along with every local Labor politician has ignored the locals on this issue for 5 years.

Taking out full page glossy adverts with pretty pictures and logos does not impress us. The Queensland Labor government has a very poor record of listening and accepting the wishes of the community.

Monday's session will be hosted by Deputy Premier Paul Lucas. Can't wait. I've got my eggs ready.


Anonymous said...

The Regional Council is conducting a Cultural Exchange and expressions of interests seminar on Monday 22nd September encompassing our diverse heritage and avenues of expression in the environment, leisure, work and daily life, architecture, arts, history, language and education, culture is the way people use all of these to express their fundamental character and aspirations. This is scheduled for next Monday 22nd September, so what is Anna Bligh trying to pull on the SAME day.

Anonymous said...

Q2 - give me a break - wot a bloody waste of money by elite wankers - who will be among the first 'up against the wall" - shite do you know how many homeless, poverty ridden people there are in Qld - no wonder religuous fundamentlists belive God is to destroy the world. Q2 - give me a fkkn break, how much$$?