Saturday 20 September 2008

So sue me

Villa Romana is still occupying 53sq meters of public footpath illegally.

George of the concrete jungle has not started the removal of his walls?

This weekend was the deadline for action following the Council resolution to remove the walls and open up the area to the public.


Anonymous said...

jeeze mike, it's just some restaurant in Cairns, does not move me like the German version of Heroes!

Anonymous said...

Leave George alone. He is one of the few that has taken literally that this town needs a style makeover. His is the best looking eatery building on the Esplanade and it has heaps of room on the footpaths for easy movement of pedestrians. His enclosing of the tables with a solid structure makes great sense when one considers it is on the corner which faces the south-east, which is the area most prone to wind and rain during the wet season.
Contrast that to the debacle on the other corner, that due to a proliferation of hodge podge eating areas, and also having a servery from the footpath, pedestrians often have to dodge their way through a metre of space. Who is first going to be sued for this setup when an accident happens because of it, the restaurant or the council. It is an accident waiting to happen. (Hot coffee and hot food mixed with intoxicated pedestrians or inattentive tourists eg.)
I still cannot fathom the rationale behind separating the restaurant with a footpath and then having another piece of the restaurant stuck next to the road. So I hope someone can enlighten me.
Meanwhile, one of the only places this is not an issue is with the restaurants fronting Trilogy. My vote is to leave Villa Romana alone.

Anonymous said...

that is, all that will ultimately matter is the reveries of our youth - string theory politics will engulf all.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mal,

10 years of alfresco dining, no lawsuits yet!

Your "view" has already been voted down. sorry